BEE Lisp scope of usage

Artificial intelligence

Lisp is traditional language for software development in the field of an artificial intelligence (AI). John McCarty was engaged in researches in the field of an artificial intelligence. The language created by him is one of the basic simulars of various aspects of AI up to this moment. It is well known fact, that Google has outperformed Microsoft in the field of search engines, and many people believe that is has become possible since Google used functional approach, which is very native to Lisp language. We beleive that if Skynet should be ever built, it's core will be written in Lisp

Text processing

Because of language features, it's rather easy and more convenient to develop applications for natural language text processing (such as translators, grammar checkers and others) in BEE Lisp than in C++.


Lisp by the nature is expandable language and you can add new syntax to it.


BEE Lisp is ideally suited for learning the Lisp language. It is much easier and more interesting to study the Lisp language with BEE Lisp.

Spheres of Lisp applications are diverse: a science and the industry, education and medicine, starting from human genotype decoding applications up to systems of ariliners design

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