Revision History

Last Version

  • BEE Lisp receives a Windows 7 Compatible award
  • BEE Lisp is integrated with PSPad
  • The activation system is developed:
    Now it is possible to register BEE Lisp through the Internet. Quickly and simply!
  • Installer is imporved
  • The examples to show the basic features and advantages of BEE Lisp are added

PSPad allows:

  • To work simultaneously with different programming languages
  • To highlight BEE Lisp code
  • To adjust hotkeys
  • Has simple management and powerful possibilities of the code editor

Version 0.9

  • Win32 API is now supported
  • DLL file compilation is supported
  • Help that describes functions was added

Version 0.5

  • Classical Lisp support
  • EXE files compilation supported
  • COM architecture
  • The console interface to the compiler is developed (Cbelisp.exe)
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